Brad is a performance horse trainer that focuses on cutting and reined cowhorses. He began horse training in high school where he discovered and learned to train reining horses. He went on to work under other reining horse trainers and fine tuned his skills with reining horses for five years. Along the way, he developed a great talent for colt starting, as well. A few years in, he decided to branch out into other disciplines, where he learned his true passions, cutting and reined cowhorse, by working under some of the top trainers in the industries. In his time working for these trainers, he met many great people and traveled the country, going as far as North Carolina, Weatherford Texas, and even back home in Kansas. He now has nearly ten years of experience working under trainers and a wealth of knowledge that has proven strong in the horses he trains.
While he has been focused on honing his skills in these disciplines, he has also competed in the Extreme Mustang Makeover, where he has won Rookie of the Year his first year competing. The concept of taking a wild mustang from start to finished in the show ring is a thrill that truly showcased his horse training skills.
Just taking any of his horses for a spin, whether cutters, ropers, cowhorses, etc. his skills and horsemanship truly speaks for itself in the beautiful athletes he cultivates.
Brad currently resides and trains from his ranch in Eastern Kansas while still currently working under Brad Lund, roping and further pursuing his love of reined cowhorse.
He is accepting all ages of cutting and reined cowhorses currently. Please visit the contact page to book with us!

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